Toshiharu Ikaga

Conference paper

Effects of indoor air temperature on blood pressure among nursing home residents in Japan

Purpose / Context – To quantify the relationship between indoor temperature and blood pressure in Japanese nursing home residents. Methodology / Approach – A field study of 27 nursing homes in Japan was conducted. We meas-ured the indoor temperature of nursing homes and collected data...
Conference paper

Effect of indoor thermal environment on children’s physical activity and body temperature

Introduction: There have been several studies on the effect of housing environment on children’s health. In particular, health concerns stemming from children’s lack of physical activity and lower body temperature are becoming an issue in Japan. Because children have a larger body surface area-to-weight ratio...
Conference paper

Effects of night-time bedroom temperature on morning blood pressure during winter: A multilevel analysis

Purpose / Context – To analyse the association between night-time temperature in the bedroom and morning blood pressure (BP). Methodology / Approach - Data were obtained from field surveys conducted from November 2014 to March 2015 on indoor temperature, home BP, sleep, and personal attributes...
Conference paper

Impact of regional differences in residential environment on healthy life expectancy in 1,300 Japanese municipalities

Purpose / Context – We clarify how regional differences in residential environment impact healthy life expectancy. Methodology / Approach – We defined healthy life expectancy and considered how to measure and calculate it. We prepared the data for calculating healthy life expectancy from various Bureau...