Hiroshi Yoshino

Conference paper

Energy consumption, CO2 emissions of urban residential buildings in China and their modelling

Purpose / Context - The purposes of this study are to clarify the trend of unit energy consumption (UEC) and its related CO2 emissions in urban residential buildings, and to develop models to predict the UEC in the future. Methodology / Approach - Statistical method...
Conference paper

Field measurements of indoor temperatures and blood pressure of elderly persons

Purpose / Context – To clarify the association between the indoor environment of residential build-ings and cerebrovascular disease, an epidemiological survey of elderly persons living in three areas of Japan that have different rates of death due to cerebrovascular disease was conducted. Methodology / Approach...
Conference paper

Study on association between indoor thermal environment of residential buildings and cerebrovascular disease in a cold climatic region of Japan

Purpose / Context - The aim of this study was to determine whether the quality of the indoor ther-mal environment during winter could increase the risk of cerebrovascular disease. Methodology / Approach - An epidemiological survey of approximately 200 elderly persons living in a cold...