Lidia Morawska

Conference paper

Pilot monitoring of ultrafine particle number concentrations in some households in Hanoi

Purpose / Context - Epidemiological studies have consistently shown that fine and course airborne particles (PM2.5 and PM10), as well as ultrafine (UF) particles measured in terms of particle number (PN) concentrations, are toxic to human health. A number of studies on particle concentrations in...
Conference paper

Low cost sensor network for indoor air quality monitoring in residential houses: Lab and indoor tests of two PM sensors

Purpose / Context – The purpose of our work is to investigate: a) the sensor responses of the two different low-cost PM sensors to concrete dust and indoor environment and activities; b) the evalua-tion of the measuring performance of two low-cost PM sensors and their...
Conference paper

Pilot study on relationship between indoor and outdoor temperatures in Brisbane households

Temperature is known to have impact on human health. In estimating such health effects outdoor temperature data are usually used as proxy for temperature exposure due to scarcity of indoor temperature data though humans spend most of their time indoor. Thus there is a need...