Jianzhou Zhao

Journal article

Experimental study of a solar pool heating system under lower flow and low pump speed conditions

Highlights Validated swimming pool and collector model, good agreement with experimental data. Solar pool heating system performance optimized based on COP (energy ratio). Optimized system achieves pump energy savings of approximately 60%. System produces enough pressure to keep the vacuum relief valve closed. Potential for...

Energy efficient swimming pools – engagement and utilization

This report covers the activities of utilisation project “Energy efficient swimming pools – engagement and utilization”. This involved project partners: School of PV and RE Engineering, UNSW, Simply Better Pool Savings, and Randwick Council.

Impact of energy efficient pool pumps on peak demand, energy costs and carbon reduction: final report

A whole system approach was adopted to optimize a residential pool filtering system. This project presents for the first time, the experimental measurements of the pool water quality (i.e., the chemical concentrations) and all energy-consuming components when operating the filtering system at low flow conditions...
Conference paper

Whole system design of an energy efficient residential pool system

The impact of low-speed filtration on the performance of salt water chlorinators, pool cleaners, and the pool water quality, based on experimental and modelled data, is investigated. Results show that a typical salt water chlorinator and pressure pool cleaner do not work well for flow...
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