Elizabeth Webster

Alternate Name:
Beth Webster

Working in industrie 4.0

Presentation from Society 4.0 Forum, held in Melbourne in November 2018, which scrutinised some of the key issues that relate to the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0. How can we design ethical data governance, information systems and analytics that involve citizen and service data...
Working paper

Why do royalties reign in the market for technology?

It is unclear why royalties are the dominant mode of payment in contracts over the trade of pre-commercial technology. We evaluate possible reasons for including royalties in a contract using a dataset of 645 contracts.

The Productivity Commission intellectual property report: moderate and measured

The recently released Productivity Commission report on the Australian intellectual property system is thorough and measured. Its recommendations are far from radical but if implemented would improve the environment for the creation and use of knowledge-based products in Australia. Currently, too many parts of the...

Evidence-based policy: Data needed for robust evaluation of industry policies

This paper is a review of how Australia can improve is evidence based policy making, in particular by using currently restricted micro datasets from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Higher education base funding review: final report

This report defines enduring principles to underpin the long-term funding of Australian higher education as well as specific recommendations and options for a reformed funding model. Australia’s future social and economic development depends on having an educated and highly skilled community, delivering creativity, innovation and...