Jocelyn Davies

Working paper

Enduring community value from mining: conceptual framework

Enduring Community Value (ECV) from mining refers to lasting benefit to groups of people and entities who have some kind of stake in mining. The aim of this analysis is to develop a conceptual framework for realising the ECV from mining as a foundation for...
Journal article

Living to work, or working to live: intercultural understandings of livelihoods

Paper aims to discuss 'livelihoods' as a concept that has value in understandings both about Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people; and secondly to illustrate how 'livelihoods analysis' can contribute to stronger intercultural understandings of human well-being and regional sustainability.
Journal article

Improving Capacity for the Kangaroo Industry to Benefit South Australian Regional Communities and Rangeland Environments

Commercial kangaroo harvest contributes to sustainable regional communities and rangeland environments by bringing social, economic and environmental benefits. However, the South Australian kangaroo industry is not delivering these benefits to its potential capacity. South Australian harvest rates are lower than any of the other states...