Catherine Maughan

Working paper

Monitoring and evaluating social impacts in Australia

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) allows people to learn from past experiences, improve service delivery, plan and allocate resources and demonstrate results as part of accountability to stakeholders. M&E also assists in keeping projects on track, providing a basis for reassessing priorities and creating an evidence...
Literature review

Remote education systems

This purpose of this paper is to initiate discussion about remote education as a system. The school is an integral part of any education system, as are the political, economic, cultural and socioeconomic factors that generally occur outside of the school boundary. In particular, this...
Literature review

Organisational innovation: a review of the literature

Australia is committed to ‘closing the gap’ in disadvantage in remote Australia. The question for agencies, organisations and businesses is how to close the gaps that have grown over the past 200 years. What is required is ‘something truly different in the market that makes...