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Ross Buckley


Building consumer demand for digital financial services – The new regulatory frontier

Digital Financial Services (DFS) are held out as key financial solutions for improving financial inclusion. However, targeted end-users often offer little in the way of obvious profitable opportunities and so market forces alone are not enough to ensure the supply of services and products which...
Working paper

Developing and implementing AML/CFT measures using a risk-based approach for new payments products and services

The use of new payment methods by the previously unbanked or underbanked holds out much hope for improved financial inclusion and consequently improved standards of living. It is important that new payment methods that enhance financial inclusion not be weighed down by overly burdensome regulation...
Working paper

G20’s performance in global financial regulation

This article assesses the performance of the G20 since the Global Financial Crisis by analysing the regulatory measures it has called for and their current stage of implementation. It then proceeds to consider the changes in the global financial system in the past 40 years...
Working paper

E‐MONEY KNOWLEDGE PRODUCT: Trust law protections for e‐money customers

At the request of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion’s Pacific Islands Working Group (PIWG), the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP)3 contracted Jonathan Greenacre, a consultant, to analyse the trust arrangements used by e-money issuers in the following Pacific countries: Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga...
Working paper

The regulation of mobile money in Malawi

This report is the result of a study undertaken in late 2013 on Malawi’s legal and regulatory framework for mobile money. The study was commissioned by the MM4P and conducted in consultation with the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM).