Sue Malta

Discussion paper

Conversations for change: What should an age-friendly community look like in 2050?

Conversations for Change is the Old Colonists’ Association of Victoria’s contribution to thought leadership about ageing in Victoria. Each Conversation will focus on a different topic relevant to ageing and older people in our community. The initiative is a central platform in our Vision 2020,and...
Journal article

The initiation and progression of late-life romantic relationships

This research explores the initiation and progression of new late-life romantic relationships among older Australians (60 years plus). Our research found that older adult romantic relationships were meaningful, important and sexually intimate. However, few led to cohabitation or marriage, with these older adults preferring to...

Technophobic and asexual? I don't think so! Older adults and their online romantic relationships

Sue Malta discusses the findings of her research into the online romantic behaviour of older people.
Journal article

Love actually! Older adults and their romantic internet relationships

This research was inspired by two stereotypes: first, that older adults don’t do computers – and certainly not the Internet and, secondly, that older adults don’t do sex – they are asexual. The results clearly show these stereotypes to be flawed. Semi-structured qualitative interviews were...

HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual report of behaviour 2004

This report brings together monitoring information from the period 1999 to the end of 2003 about practices that may risk transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and about practices related to the social and behavioural aspects of the treatment and care of people living with...