Richard Pascal


Management of alcohol at large-scale sports fixtures and other public events

Alcohol is available at a wide range of sporting, music and other public events and often is a central focus of celebrations of success and achievement. Unfortunately, alcohol is also associated with verbal and physical abuse, arrests for aggressive behaviour and violence and admissions to...

An evaluation of liquor licensing restrictions in the Western Australian community of Port Hedland

In response to expressions of concern from the Town of Port Hedland about local alcohol problems, the Western Australian Director of Liquor Licensing conducted a series of inquiries leading to the decision to impose restrictions on the sale and promotion of packaged liquor. Richard Midford...

Under-aged drinking among 14-17 year olds and related harms in Australia

About two thirds of Australian teenagers aged 14-17 years drink alcohol and one in five of these teenagers drinks at least weekly. Consumption of alcohol by teenagers is associated with a range of adverse health outcomes, particularly injury. Tanya Chikritzhs, Richard Pascal and Paul Jones...

Trends in youth alcohol consumption and related harms in Australian jurisdictions, 1990-2002

Tanya Chikritzhs and Richard Pascal document trends in harms due to risky and high risk drinking for young people across Australia. They report annual rates for males and females aged between15 and 24 years for all states and territories have been presented, as well as...