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23 Aug 2017

Is Pauline Hanson's latest stunt, wearing a burqa into parliament, the start of a serious debate?


10 Jul 2017

Islamic schools across Australia want to introduce a curriculum model which empowers students to become confident young Australian Muslims.


15 Jun 2017

This report, commissioned by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, examines the Bendigo mosque protests in 2016.


13 Jun 2017

There is a common misunderstanding that one particular Qur’anic verse perpetuates violence against women, writes Nada Ibrahim.

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19 Apr 2017

You might recall last September, a poll by Essential Media found 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslims immigrating to Australia.

The result so shocked Peter Lewis, the respected pollster who runs Essential, that he ran the question a second time.



29 Jan 2017


In the context of One Nation’s presence in the Australian Senate, indications of increased voter support for the party and wider populist trends in the United States and Europe, Australians need to understand One Nation’s world view – especially where the party’s...


11 Nov 2016

Muslim contact with Australia can be traced to before European settlement. In the seventeenth century Macassarese people from Indonesia formed trade links with Indigenous Australians. British-European settlement on the Australian continent occurred when British and Irish convicts were transported there between 1788 and 1868. A...


10 Oct 2016


Maintaining national security in an age of terrorism means that we, as citizens, are asked to relinquish certain individual rights and liberties in the name of public safety. Whether it is the retention of our telecommunications activities, ability to walk around our...


30 Aug 2016

This quick guide provides an overview of Halal food certification in Australia.


Halal is an Arabic word that means permitted or lawful in Islam. It is both an umbrella term used in relation to all food products, and a term that...


18 Aug 2016


New online big data research by the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos think tank has found significant spikes in the use of anti-Islamic language on Twitter in the immediate aftermath of news events, particularly terrorist attacks.


Audio podcast

18 Aug 2016

This interview discusses the portrayal of women in Indonesian media and advertising, and how social stereotypes of gender roles affect the way women see themselves and interact with society.


For this episode of Sub Rosa, Kate interviewed Firly Annisa, an activist...



18 Jul 2016

Every time a terrorist attack occurs in the Western world, news outlets are very quick to scapegoat a demographic. The only reason white people are so powerful is because our fuel is the blood of the poor.

We invade, terrorise and destroy their countries...

Audio podcast

23 Jun 2016


For this episode of Sub Rosa podcast, Kate Grealy spoke with Shakira Hussein, a researcher at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute and author of the recently released book From Victims to Suspects: Muslim Women Since 9/11 .

We discussed her...

Journal article

1 Apr 2016

The purpose of learning in Islamic schools should be to facilitate transformation on the path to ma’rifatu'Llah . Transformation over compliance would therefore best characterise those behaviour management models most appropriate for Islamic schools. But unfortunately, behaviour management models are often adopted in Islamic schools...

Working paper

6 Dec 2015

Abstract: One of the factors demonstrated by racial or religious segregation is people’s preference for residential homophily – the tendency of like-minded people to gather in the same places. In societies disposed to ethnic conflict, homophily serves the added purpose of safety in numbers. When...

Conference paper

Working paper

1 Dec 2015

A persistent theme in the Qur’an commands Muslims ‘to establish a political order on earth for the sake of creating an egalitarian and just moral-social order’. According to Fazlur Rahman this is one of key intellectual messages of the Qur’an. Ernest Gellner in his seminal...


23 Nov 2015

There has been relentless media criticism of Islam and Muslims since the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

Since then, we have heard of an increased level of physical and verbal abuse hurled at Australian Muslims. We have been overwhelmed by calls from parents...

Case study

13 Nov 2015

This volume offers a fascinating case study of the Sayyid community of Cikoang in South Sulawesi – in particular, an examination of the role of the descendants of Sayyid Jalaluddin al-‘Aidid, a Hadhrami merchant-teacher of great authority and charisma who is said to have initially...



9 Nov 2015

Elections took place in Myanmar over the weekend, marking the country’s first free nationwide poll in 25 years. Yanghee Lee, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, has described the elections as “a watershed moment in the democratic transition of Myanmar”, capturing the...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

Islamisation of laws in Pakistan has been severally explained as a revival of Islam, as the implementation of the vision of Pakistan formulated as Objective Resolution in 1949 passed by the Constituent Assembly soon after its independence in 1949. It is justified as a requirement...



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