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“This is the next East Timor”

As Indonesia tightens its grip on West Papua, Pacific nations are pushing for a negotiated solution.

Stronger education partnerships

This research project shares experiences and case studies of Australian providers who have delivered or are delivering Australian education and training in Indonesia across all sectors, outlining models of engagement and regulatory settings for this delivery, together with an evidence base for Australia’s ongoing efforts...

Indo-Pacific election pulse 2019: Thailand, Indonesia, India and Australia

In the context of growing concerns over the strength of democracy, the influence of authoritarianism and ideological competition, this publication delves into the complexities and implications of elections in India, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand.
Briefing paper

After the boats have stopped: refugees stranded in Indonesia and Australia’s containment policies

This brief provides an overview of Australia’s role in stopping refugees leaving Indonesia en route to Australia, and highlights the precarious situation refugees now face in Indonesia.

Jokowi’s second term: economic challenges and outlook

Given the complexity of the coalition, Indonesia’s economic policies in Jokowi’s second term may look like ‘more of the same’. Sustaining growth and maintaining economic stability will be the primary focus.

Building bridges: navigating Indonesia’s infrastructure choices

This paper explores Indonesia's need to coordinate integrated infrastructure projects that solve its intra-island, inter-island, and international connectivity gaps.

Long-term external security threats from Indonesia’s perspective - part 2: Australia and ASEAN stability

This paper is the second part of a series that looks at some of the possible concerns from Indonesia’s perspective of threats to its security that may arise in the long-term future.

Indonesia’s regional security and perceived long-term threats – part one: China

China is perhaps the most important economic partner for Indonesia, being both the second-largest investor in the country and the leading market for exported goods. Beyond economic ties, Jakarta often sees China as a strategic challenge. This paper looks at some of the challenges that...

Australia-Indonesia relations: rare opportunity for a bold, fresh start

Indonesian voters have returned incumbent president Joko Widodo for a second term in office. Although Widodo will be confronted by some significant domestic challenges, with elections occurring only one month apart in both countries and the eventual ratification of the IA-CEPA trade agreement, Australia is...

Politics in Indonesia: resilient elections, defective democracy

This analysis focuses on the upcoming Indonesian election on 17 April 2019, considering the political climate, the contenders and Indonesia's democratic procedures.