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A Report to The European Commission, Directorate General JRC, JRC Seville
31 Dec 2018

The ‘Smart specialization’ (SS) project of the European Union is both an innovative project and an ongoing experiment on industrial and innovation policy, probably the biggest such experiment globally. This approach makes it possible to rediscover mechanisms that have been extremely successful creating wealth in...

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2 Sep 2015

Recently, I presented a paper, ‘Religious Communities in Societies: Muslim Women’s Position’, at the XXI World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions in Erfurt, Germany, 23–29 August 2015. The congress was held at the University of Erfurt.

About 1400 people...


25 Sep 2014

Abstract: This paper investigates sentiment in the online conversation about the Ukrainian Euromaidan protests across a range of English- and Russian-language social and traditional media sources. Results from this exploratory research show more support for the Euromaidan protests in Russian-language sources, including among sources...


27 Jun 2014

This paper analyses the reasons why President Putin decided to invade Ukraine and annex Crimea, the implications of this for Russia’s return as a major power, and the broader geopolitical policy implications.

Executive summary

This is the worst crisis in Europe since...


5 Mar 2014

This Quick Guide provides Parliamentarians with a list of key resources and commentary about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Authored by Nicole Brangwin (with assistance from Toby Bellwood, Cameron Hill, Sue Johnson, Nina Markovic and Janet Phillips).


10 Jan 2008

This working paper is part of a series examining how the Internet influences democracy. This report is a narrative case study that examines the role of the Internet and mobile phones during Ukraine's 2004 Orange Revolution. The first section describes the online citizen journalists who...


1 Jan 2002

The report considers the evolving experience in Ukraine, and looks at lessons from other countries in order to spur thinking about how best to move forward in the development of regional policy. In the context of a transition economy, accurately measuring the changes that are...



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