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Lowy Institute for International Policy

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Lowy Institute


Chips, subsidies, security, and great power competition

The author of this report argues that rising government subsidies to industry in the big world economies, and the entanglement of national security and commercial motives, pose difficult policy issues for countries such as Australia, which cannot match the subsidies provided by the great powers.

Countering Chinese economic coercion: enhanced cooperation between Australia and Europe

China appears increasingly confident in aligning itself politically against the West. But there are ways for Australia and Europe to even the balance.
Briefing paper

Indo-Pacific infrastructure development financing: an agenda for Australia and Europe

The Australian government and European Union are looking to improve the complementarity and coordination of their infrastructure financing efforts, especially in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. This paper makes several suggestions for how this group of like-minded partners can lift their infrastructure financing contribution.

Mixed report card: China’s influence at the United Nations

This report contextualises China’s growing presence at the United Nations by examining publicly available data on four metrics that gauge Beijing’s success in steering the global governance agenda.

Sharper choices: how Australia can make better national security decisions

The author of this paper argues that a new national security strategy for Australia would help guide policy-makers, but strengthening the decision-making process would do more to improve the quality of national security decisions.

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