Australia’s election: what the hell just happened?

Don’t assume the last decade of political chaos is over as the major parties remain drained of authority and purpose, writes Sam Roggeveen.
Discussion paper

China's new Navy: a short guide for Australian policy-makers

China may already be building a ‘post-American navy’, one designed not to confront US naval predominance in the Pacific, but to inherit it as the US baulks at the increasing cost of continued regional leadership.
Journal article

New media and Australia’s national security debate

Introduction: Over the last decade there has emerged in Australia a small but fertile and occasionally influential group of blogs devoted to international security and foreign policy. This is not the romantic grass-roots story that beguiled US media watchers in the mid-2000s, in which a...

2009 in review

On 2 December, Deputy Director Martine Letts and members of the Lowy Institute research team wound up this year’s Wednesday Lunch at Lowy Club series with a review of politics, economics and other international events in 2009, and what these have meant for Australia. Director...