Lixia Qu

Research report

23 Jun 2017

The Domestic and Family Violence and Parenting program is an extensive mixed method project that examines the impact of inter-parental conflict (IPC) and domestic and family violence (DFV) on parenting and parent–child relationships.

Fact sheet

25 Sep 2016

Key messages

The number of same-sex couple parented families in Australia is growing. Acceptance of the equality of same-sex couples is steadily increasing, and is strongest among women and young people. Children raised in same-sex parented families progress emotionally, socially and educationally at the...

Research report

15 Dec 2015

This paper sheds further light on living alone by investigating the nature of living alone and what it means to the individuals involved.

Summary In an earlier Australian Family Trends facts sheet (No. 6; de Vaus & Qu, 2015) we described those who...

Research report

12 Oct 2015

This report sets out the overall findings of the evaluation of the 2012 family violence amendments. The evaluation examined the effects of amendments to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) that were intended to improve the family law system’s responses to matters involving family violence...

Research report

17 Sep 2015

This paper looks at how life satisfaction changes as we pass through various life transitions on the pathway from adolescence through young adulthood, middle age and into old age. It explores how leaving home, commencing a relationship, having children, separating, entering the “empty nest” phase,...

Research report

18 Mar 2015

Examines survey respondents' beliefs about whether they felt they had been left behind by information and communication technology (ICT) developments, and whether they were worried about being left behind in the future.

Summary The rapid advances in information and communication technology (ICT) in...

Research report

3 Mar 2015

Describes the trends in living alone and describes the characteristics of people who live alone.

Introduction Living alone is increasingly on the public radar. One in four Australian households is a lone-person household, and rates have increased sharply since the 1970s. Throughout the...

Research report

2 Mar 2015

This report presents a cross-national comparison of the short- and medium-term economic effects of divorce.


This paper uses longitudinal data to estimate the short- and medium-term economic effects of divorce in the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Korea, Germany and Australia during...

Research report

22 Jul 2013

This report highlights some of the ways in which Australian families with children under 18 years old have changed or remained stable.

Key messages

This fact sheet examines the extent and nature of change in household and family forms. The broad trends...

Research report

27 May 2013
Key messages Significant changes have occurred in patterns of relationship formation and dissolution and childbearing over the last century and into the new millennium, with many of the changes of the most recent few decades being unprecedented. Marriages have been occurring at increasingly later ages,...

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