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5 June 2012

The 2012 Lowy Institute Poll reports the results of a nationally representative opinion survey of 1,005 Australian adults conducted in Australia between 26 March and 10 April 2012 using mobile...

27 March 2012

This report maps the US State Department's rapidly growing ediplomacy effort.

It reveals State now employs over 150 full-time ediplomacy personnel working in 25 different...

20 March 2012

The findings of the latest Lowy Institute Indonesia Poll challenge many assumptions about Indonesia.

The Lowy Institute Indonesia Poll reports the results of the Institute’...

28 June 2011

New questions this year cover attitudes towards the US alliance and the war in Afghanistan, opinions on basing US forces in Australia, WikiLeaks, foreign aid and the intervention in Libya....

7 April 2011

In light of the continued diplomatic truce with Taiwan, this paper reassesses the drivers of China’s engagement in the Pacific, examines trends in China’s aid giving and associated concerns, as...