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17 December 2016

This paper outlines the development and experience of justice reinvestment in the UK and US, summarises key reports and commentary in Australia, and refers to local trials in NSW, South Australia...

30 August 2016

Reports on trends in NSW State finances, covering topics such as revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities, capital expenditure and credit rating metrics.

5 August 2016

An upcoming forum for discussing illegal drug use and possession is the Parliamentary Cross-Party Harm Minimisation Roundtable, to be held at the NSW Parliament. This paper seeks to inform the...

22 November 2015

Presents a summary of the existing laws in NSW, the proposed reforms, and some selected stakeholder views.

15 October 2015

Examines security of tenure provisions in residential tenancy laws in NSW, and considers past discussion in NSW of options to increase security of tenure, including noting the different views...

12 August 2015

In recent years the farming community has been concerned about the increasing use by animal welfare activists of covert surveillance of farm properties. This paper looks at the debate in NSW and...

5 August 2015

This paper reports on trends in NSW State finances between 2002-03 and 2015-16 (inclusive). The budget result was a surplus for all years except 2008-09.

6 June 2015

This paper revisits the Wood Royal Commission report, examines the current system of police accountability in NSW, and discusses the many reviews of the system that have taken place over the past...

8 April 2015

This paper outlines the main liquor licensing restrictions that have been introduced in New South Wales since 2008, as well as studies that have been done on the effectiveness of certain...

17 February 2015

Repeat offenders are responsible for a large proportion of crime in NSW; and those returning to prison make up more than half of the prison population.