Paul Flatau

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Last Name: Flatau
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14 February 2017

This report provides evidence from case studies of homelessness services into how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms and levels of funding...

Briefing paper
28 November 2016

The research examined the impact of programs providing social housing with support for people experiencing homelessness under the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH).

31 October 2016

This report presents evidence from the Australian Homelessness Funding and Delivery Survey of how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms of funding...

22 July 2016

This report addresses the question of whether health service use and health service costs fall as a consequence of supported entry to public housing for formerly homeless people and those at risk...

5 July 2016

This report focuses on the practice, prevalence and funding of outcomes measurement the community sector in Western Australia and discusses the implications of the Western Australia Government...

28 April 2016

Examines the cost of youth homelessness in Australia and outlines the economic and social benefits that could be gained by adopting tailored early intervention strategies and policies.

28 April 2016

This article argues that the Australian government needs to adopt a more sophisticated approach to addressing social problems such as homelessness, by investing in early intervention programs and...

16 December 2015

This project looked at the housing and homelessness journeys of refugees after entry to Australia and investigated the challenges faced by refugees in accessing long-term permanent housing. It...

18 November 2015

Examines new decision-making and business models in the not-for-profit housing sector in the face of new policy frameworks and market challenges.

11 November 2015

Provides an Australia-wide review of programs which assist clients to access and maintain a social housing tenancy, or support existing social housing tenants at risk of homelessness to maintain...