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2 June 2016

A discussion that focused on topics that ranged from the role of government and the private sector in combating terrorism and transnational organised crime to infrastructure development and...

18 December 2014

Presents competing views about Australia’s place in the world and the role it should have on the international stage.

22 February 2007

Improving Defence Management is the first major external review of Defence in almost a decade. As such, it represents a rare opportunity to bring in outside perspectives to improve the performance...

16 December 2005

India matters to Australia, strategically, economically and diplomatically. At the fourth Australia–India Security Roundtable, held in Canberra in April 2005, fourteen strategic analysts from both...

7 June 2005

This report gives interested readers greater access to the complex workings of the Australian defence fudget and promotes informed debate on defence budget issues. A summary is available online....