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16 Feb 2018

Defence’s most comprehensive, and expensive, package of land force modernisation is underway, at a cost of $50–70 billion. Nine complementary programs cover every area of land warfare, from personal equipment for the soldiers through to unmanned aerial vehicles, amphibious craft, special forces helicopters, digital networks,...

Research report

15 Feb 2018

This report reviews the evolution of Russia’s strategic and defence engagement in the IndAsPac. It also critically reviews Russia’s regional defence strategy, including threats perceptions, and principal vectors of regional engagement, predominantly through its active defence diplomacy.

Research report

13 Feb 2018

This Strategic Insight looks beyond our region and beyond China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative (BRI) to highlight how China is expanding its influence in Africa and the Middle East.


30 Jan 2018

This report argues that peer competitors and armed non-state groups alike have been seemingly so impressed by Western air power that they’re developing their own. Australia's use of the skies is now contested, and we now need to be able to counter potential adversaries’ use...

Research report

20 Dec 2017

This compendium examines the France–Australia relationship, bringing together experts from each country to explore our shared histories and plot a course for where we might take the relationship in the future.

Research report

13 Dec 2017

This paper examines the concept of e-diasporas, which refers to social media based manifestations of diaspora communities.

Research report

6 Dec 2017

Casts a critical but constructive eye over a defence procurement saga that cost the Australia hundreds of millions of dollars, but ultimately equipped the Navy with ships that have since served around the world.


23 Nov 2017

This report explores the correlation between the drivers of violent extremism and the different activities undertaken throughout a mining project’s life cycle in order to identify potential risks and opportunities.


23 Nov 2017

This paper examines how the Australian mining sector should step up efforts aimed at preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) in Africa.

Research report

22 Nov 2017

This paper looks at the impacts that emerging quantum technologies might have on defence.

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