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Discussion paper

21 Nov 2017

This paper reviews the implications of the latest Trump tax plan for Australia; in particular that part of the plan that involves changes to the company tax arrangements.

Discussion paper

21 Jul 2017

This paper examines aspects of the present use of trusts with a view to outlining the extent of the problem and examining who benefits.

Discussion paper

17 Jul 2017

This report questions estimates of the impact on employment and revenue if Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) were phased out of Tasmania.

Discussion paper

15 Jun 2017

This report models the impact of an increased Medicare levy in comparison to a progressive Medicare levy, more like income tax, on the spread of Australian income earners.

Research report

8 Mar 2017

Pauline Hanson's February 2017 announcement that One Nation will again campaign for a flat-rate 2 per cent turnover tax takes her back to a policy position she first adopted nearly two decades ago.Initial analysis suggests that a shift from the current taxation mix to a...

Discussion paper

31 Jan 2017

The government’s 10-year company tax cut plan was announced in the May 2016 budget, but was always going to be difficult to sell as an urgently needed reform. Since then, the debate has effectively shown that there is nothing in it that would increase the...

Briefing paper

4 Aug 2016

New research released by the Australia Institute today shows that government moves to cut unemployment benefits will put recipients at 32% below the poverty line.

The research also highlights staggering inequality in Australia where the ten richest Australian families have the same wealth as...

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24 Jun 2016

Reviews OECD data on the relationship between living standards and cuts in company tax rates compared with the provision of better education services.

The graphs show the relationship between living standards and other variables that are at the centre of the disputes about the...

Briefing paper

15 May 2016

One of the poorly understood impacts of a company tax cut is that there is little benefit to domestic investors because the way that company tax payments are credited against the tax payable by Australian owners of companies. The system of crediting company tax paid...

Discussion paper

2 May 2016

Estimates the extent of corporate wrong-doing in Australia.

Summary A new report analysing findings from across several corporate regulatory bodies and related agencies finds widespread wrong-doing in the Australian private sector.

Meanwhile the six major regulatory bodies and other agencies have seen...

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