Andrew Davies

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Last Name: Davies
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21 June 2016

This paper provides an assessment and overview of the ADF’s command, control, computing, communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (known commonly as ‘C4ISR’) capabilities in...

16 February 2016

The building of Australia’s fleet of future submarines is likely to be the largest defence program in this country’s history.

17 November 2015

This paper surveys the capabilities of the Australian Army.

12 November 2015

This paper surveys the capability of the Royal Australian Navy.

3 November 2015

This paper reviews the capability of the Royal Australian Air Force, and concludes that the service has been remarkably successful in winning government support for its acquisitions.

13 July 2015

This paper reviews the past performance of Australian naval shipbuilding, describes the pros and cons of a rolling production model, and unpicks the issues that the government will have to take...

21 May 2015

This collection identifies significant challenges ahead for Defence if the reforms proposed by the First Principles Review are to succeed.

23 April 2015

The recently released report of the First Principles Review of Defence is set to reshape the Defence enterprise over the next few years. This report explains the review’s recommendations and...