Social barometer: challenges facing Australian youth

22 Aug 2006

The traditional 'coming of age' is a longer and less clear-cut process for this generation of young people, who often enjoy the benefits of more study, but also less secure job prospects according to Martina Boese and Rosanna Scutella. The 'Youth Transition Social Barometer' throws new light on the experiences of young people, particularly the socially disadvantaged, in areas such as health, economic resources and education.

The second issue of the Brotherhood’s Social Barometer examines how well equipped Australian youth are (or are not) to negotiate successfully the transition from childhood to adulthood, from school to work, in a changing world. It presents indicators of capabilities covering seven dimensions from physical and mental health to education and employment and social participation. Each section is introduced by an individual’s story. The barometer concentrates on national data, paying particular attention to young people with socioeconomically disadvantaged, refugee and Indigenous backgrounds.

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