Sean McNelis

First Name: Sean
Last Name: McNelis
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14 February 2017

This report provides evidence from case studies of homelessness services into how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms and levels of funding...

16 December 2016

Indigenous Australians are 14 times more likely to become homeless than other Australians, and their homelessness situations are likely to be more severe. This research examined how the changing...

30 September 2014

Explores the factors influencing tenant choices to remain in or depart from public housing.

Discussion paper
1 June 2009

The aim of this project is to develop a set of good practices for strategic asset management which will assist State Housing Authorities (SHAs) as they seek to improve housing outcomes for public...

Audio program
18 May 2009

This briefing presents the first comprehensive and comparative review of public housing rent policies in Australia and seven overseas countries,


11 September 2008

This report identifies emerging policy and management issues for public housing providers and for Commonwealth and state/territory governments as older people in public housing seek to age in...

1 December 2005

Sean McNelis argues that financial crises are endemic to Australian public housing and that public housing managers cannot trade-off affordability for financial viability. He concludes his...

13 August 2004

There is an emerging crisis within housing for older persons, a crisis which will primarily affect older renters but would also include some owner-occupiers with very low valued houses. Sean...

30 January 2004

Final report of a research project by Sean McNelis examining Independent Living Units - units provided by not-for-profit organisations and which are targeted at older persons with relatively low...