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Sean has been at Swinburne University of Technology since 2002. In this time he has worked as a research fellow and part-time housing researcher and, also completed his doctorate. He has undertaken a range of research projects for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI), for local government and for other organisations. He is the manager of the Housing in Victoria website, an interactive website which provides data on housing and housing affordability at different geographical levels.






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1 Aug 2017

APEC economies continue to engage positively in the development and implementation of building energy codes as a key policy strategy for achieving energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This poster summary and associated discussion paper and workshop outcomes are drawn from recent published research...

Research report

28 Apr 2017

This AHURI Inquiry into the funding and delivery of programs to reduce homelessness in Australia provides the first comprehensive examination and assessment of the funding of Specialist Homelessness Services (SHSs) and other services assisting those experiencing homelessness.

Government funding is the dominant form of...

Research report

14 Feb 2017

This report forms part of an AHURI Inquiry into the funding and delivery of programs to reduce homelessness. It provides evidence from case studies of homelessness services into how services supporting those experiencing homelessness are funded, and how different forms and levels of funding impact...

Research report

16 Dec 2016

Executive Summary

The impact of mixed funding sources on homelessness support for Indigenous Australians forms one part of the research program in the AHURI Inquiry into the funding of homelessness services in Australia, which aims to understand the mix of government and non-government...

Research report

30 Sep 2014

Explores the factors influencing tenant choices to remain in or depart from public housing.

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