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14 Oct 2017

This review report identifies options to improve the security of Medicare card numbers within the Department of Human Services' HPOS system, while continuing to support access to health services without unnecessarily increasing the administrative workload faced by health professionals.

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12 Aug 2015

In December 2013 the Government established the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program, led by Mr Ian Hanger AM QC, which reported to the government in September 2014.

The Government asked Professor Peter Shergold AC to lead an independent review of government processes...

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8 Nov 2013

This paper examines strategies to improve the way that government and community services work together to address the needs of vulnerable community members.


In late 2012 I was appointed to lead the Service Sector Reform project. The goal was to explore...

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23 May 2013

This report examines feedback from the community sector and the public on the discussion paper for the Victorian Government's Sector Service Reform project.

A snapshot from the consultations captures the top 5 priorities for reform as being to:

Focus more on outcomes. Increase...



27 Feb 2012

Will we know it when we see it? asks Peter Shergold .

I was lucky enough earlier this month to visit Canada as a guest of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada although, unfortunately, not quite lucky enough to go skiing. So,...



9 Dec 2011

The attempt to measure quality of life over time and between places is still in its infancy, writes Peter Shergold for the Centre for Social Impact.

It was in May 1968 that Robert Kennedy, with characteristically brilliant oratory, identified the abject failure of governments...

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2 Feb 2011

Traditional ways of funding not-for-profit organisations (NPOs) to deliver programs that address complex social problems are struggling to keep up with demand. Despite record high levels of government funding for NPOs, there is still a significant level of unmet need and new approaches to funding...

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19 Aug 2010

As CEO of ATSIC, and then successively as Secretary of the Departments of Employment and Education, and the Prime Minister & Cabinet, Peter Shergold had responsibility for the oversight of Indigenous programs. In this speech, delivered at the GenerationOne launch of new Indigenous...

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3 May 2010

There were several ironies in the global economic crisis for the not-for-profit sector.

On the downside, the collapse of Wall Street investment banks Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns robbed the sector of two philanthropic champions that had been pin-ups for corporate social responsibility (CSR)....


3 May 2010

This article examines corporate social responsibility in light of the global financial crisis and features an interview with Professor Peter Shergold, Macquarie Group Foundation Chair in Social Impact at the Centre for Social Impact.

“[The financial crisis] showed that some of the companies which...

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