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Fran Baum is a Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Public Health and Director of the Southgate Institute of Health, Society and Equity at Flinders University. Professor Baum is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and one of Australia's leading researchers on the social and economic determinants of health. In 2008 she was awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship focusing on development of effective government and community responses to social determinants of health inequity and social exclusion. She holds several other national competitive grants investigating aspects of health inequity, and has an extensive teaching career in public health.

1 September 2016

We all like to think we are free agents and have huge degrees of agency. But, in reality, our health reflects the environments we live in, writes Fran Baum.

Literature reviewReport
1 September 2015

This report provides an overview of the evidence base on work in health promotion settings that addresses the social determinants of health inequities.

16 December 2013

This paper reviews evidence relating to ‘what works’ to influence the social and economic determinants of Indigenous health, in order to reduce health inequities, and ultimately contribute to...

Journal article
6 February 2013

This article explores the consequences of job loss for retrenched workers’ mental health by examining the interplay between their agency and the structures shaping their job loss experiences.

Journal article
6 September 2012

This article discusses how, within the context of Australian welfare and industrial policy, workers experienced the consequences of mass job losses that occurred at Mitsubishi Motors during 2004...

25 May 2012

The ability to access information and communication technologies (ICTs), particularly via the Internet and mobile phones, is increasingly vital to full participation in economic, social, and...

Journal article
1 January 2011

This paper describes a partnership between researchers and policy actors that was developed within a short timeframe to produce a rapid appraisal case study of the South Australian Social...

Journal article
29 November 2010

This paper reports on a qualitative study which explored how these groups access and use information and communication technologies (ICTs), specifically computers, Internet and mobile phones

Audio program
21 May 2009

Professor Fran Baum, speaking about Australia's health reform agenda and her experience of "Closing the gap", medicare and citizen debate and control over healthcare. 


26 March 2009

Compared to the general South Australian urban population people in this study reported lower levels of physical and mental health and experience of racism was associated with poorer health...