Kelly Richards

Research report

11 Aug 2016

Although fraud has been practiced throughout history, the advent of the internet has created new and effective avenues for targeting potential victims. Victims of online fraud experience substantial financial and other harms, resulting in annual losses in Australia of more than $2b, significant organisational disruption...

Briefing paper

1 Sep 2015

Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse Research Brief 20 examines the effectiveness of measures that aim to reduce non-violent offending by Indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Drawing on the literature available, the brief identifies examples and principles for program development and delivery that...

Research report

20 Nov 2014

In this report, four programs that were already being implemented by states and territories and identified by them under the National Indigenous Law & Justice Framework as promising practice in diversion are examined.

Executive summary

Diversion from the youth justice system is...

Research report

22 May 2014

Foreword: Online fraud occurs when an individual or a business responds in some manner to an unsolicited invitation received via the internet and suffers financial or other detrimental effects as a result. In 2010–11, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2012) found that over 1.2...

Research report

20 May 2014

Abstract: In this report, what is known about human trafficking involving marriage and partner migration to Australia is described, drawing on primary information obtained from victim/survivor testimonies, stakeholder knowledge and expertise, and reported cases that progressed through the Australian justice system. It confirms what...

Research report

5 Feb 2014

Drawing on research undertaken to explore the role of partner migration in human trafficking into Australia, this paper presents qualitative data on the help-seeking strategies of victim/survivors of human trafficking and similar exploitative situations involving partner migration.

Introduction: There is a diversity of...

Research report

19 Nov 2013


Funded and endorsed by the Australasian Juvenile Justice Administrators, this is one of the first national scale research reports into the bail and remand practices for young Australians. A young person can be placed in custody on remand (ie refused bail) after...

Research report

18 Feb 2013

In 2005 the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) produced a report, Responding to sexual assault: The challenge of change (DPP & AFP 2005), which made 105 recommendations for reforming the way...

Research report

3 Oct 2011

This paper addresses common misperceptions about the perpetrators of sexual offences against children.

Sexual offending against children is a highly emotive issue. It is nonetheless important that public policy initiatives to prevent and/or respond to child sexual abuse are based on the available evidence...

Research report

28 Jun 2011

Children's 'witnessing' or exposure to domestic violence has been increasingly recognised as a form of child abuse, both in Australia and internationally.

Although it is difficult to accurately assess the scope of the problem, research has demonstrated that a substantial amount of domestic violence...

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