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Research report

14 Mar 2014

The report examines the timetables and budgets of six diverse schools across the country to identify ways they can change their practices in order to free up time for teacher development.


School education in Australia is slipping. We are falling down...

Research report

21 Feb 2014

By examining two primary and two secondary schools, this report argues that Australia’s most troubled schools can turn around their performance to achieve remarkable results by following five steps.

Overview: Some of Australia’s most troubled schools are turning around their performance to achieve...

Audio interview

26 Nov 2013

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne's promise to overhaul Gonski has become a lightning rod for conflict between the Abbott Government and the States. But his critics argue that clawing back the Gonski reforms would see the return of the deep inequities of the SES scheme...

Research report

10 Jul 2013

This report argues that neither creating more competition among schools nor giving them more autonomy without support to improve learning are the vital solutions that will lift the performance of Australian students.

Neither creating more competition among schools nor giving them more autonomy without...

11 May 2012

Without good implementation, like in Singapore, teaching won’t improve, writes Ben Jensen for the Grattan Institute .


The recent Productivity Commission report into the schools workforce recommended that the federal government scheme to provide bonus payments to teachers be delayed and...

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