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31 May 2012

This article investigates whether female political representation affects economic growth. Panel estimates for 119 democracies using fixed effects specifications and a system generalized method of moments approach suggest that, over recent decades, countries with higher shares of women in parliament have had faster growing economies....

Working paper

30 Dec 2011

Countries differ considerably in terms of the price drivers pay for gasoline. Using data from a large sample of countries, this paper provides new evidence regarding the implications of these differences of the consumption of gasoline for road transport and the fuel economy of new...

Working paper

30 Nov 2011

This paper documents an energy ladder that nations ascend as their per capita incomes increase.

On average, economic development results in an overall substitution from the use of biomass to fulfill energy needs to energy sourced from fossil fuels, and then toward nuclear power...

Working paper

30 May 2011

Using data for 160 countries for the period 1963-2001, this paper examines the short-run relationship between economic growth and changes in national leader.

To address the potential endogeneity of economic growth, I use exogenous variation in commodity export prices, export partner incomes, precipitation, and...

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2010

This paper presents evidence on a national-level electricity ladder which sees countries transition toward coal and natural gas, and finally nuclear power and modern renewables such as wind power, for their electricity needs as they develop.

The extent to which countries climb the electricity...

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