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9 Nov 2018

Australia has no significant history of temporary or “guest” worker programs. This means it effectively has a policy “blank slate”. We can learn from the well-documented pitfalls of programs elsewhere and develop a temporary labour migration program that is global best practice.


Report 1 of the Australian Women's Working Futures Project
6 Mar 2018

New research carried out by the Women, Work and Leadership research group, at the University of Sydney, shows Australian women rank attaining respect in the workplace as highly as overall job security.

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12 Sep 2014

Informal workers – mostly women – are among the most disadvantaged and exploited in developing countries. In India, where the state won’t use labour law to ensure they are paid wages that allow them to reproduce themselves, workers claim the state must provide welfare benefits...

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6 Mar 2010

The lives of knowledge economy professionals look pretty much the same, whether they live and work in New York, Sydney, London, New Delhi or Beijing. It’s a whirlpool of constantly intersecting activities in which they multi-task their way through every minute of the day, feeling...

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