Tim Flannery


19 Jul 2017

This report introduces the Climate Council's Cities Power Partnership program which highlights the leaders of councils and communities that are switching to renewable energy and building greener, more efficient and resilient communities.

Research report

18 Nov 2014

Provides the latest research on which Australian States and Territories are winning the race to renewables - and which are not.

4 key findings

1. Australia's States and Territories have an important leadership role to play in tackling climate change and growing...

Research report

2 Sep 2013

This report identifies the enormous, but largely underutilised, potential for solar generation in the world’s sunniest continent.

This report provides an overview of the rapidly changing solar industry, including international developments and opportunities for Australia to better utilise and benefit from solar resources in...

Video lecture/presentation

7 Jun 2010

At this Sydney Writers' Festival event highlight, 'Have we been conned on climate change? An emergency Town Hall meeting', four leading climate change thinkers address the devastating lack of political leadership on the issue of climate change in Australia.

Environmentalist Tim Flannery...

Video lecture/presentation

Amidst the heated debate around the introduction of a carbon tax in Australia, leading environmentalist Tim Flannery shares with Prof Robert Manne his views on the global warming debate.

They discuss the political environment in Australia, global emissions reduction efforts and the issues around...

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