Myfanwy McDonald

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Literature review

20 Apr 2016

This literature review investigates service delivery processes and strategies that are associated with better engagement of and outcomes for families and children who are experiencing adversity (often referred to as “vulnerable”). It was undertaken to inform the development of an Australian sustained nurse home visiting...


30 Jan 2015

The Family Partnership Model (FPM) is an evidence-based approach to working with families that has played a central role in the inception, design, planning and delivery of 12 integrated Child and Family Centres (CFCs) in Tasmania. The Model is founded upon a respect for an...

Briefing paper

1 Jul 2014

This policy brief explores four key issues pertaining to the future of early childhood education and care in Australia: the importance of early childhood, quality early childhood education and care, service integration, and the inclusion of children with disability and developmental delays.

Literature review

31 Oct 2013

In 2012-13 the Australian Government funded the Murdoch Childrens' Reserach Institute to implement a 12-month Let’s Read national early literacy campaign. Building on existing evidence-based programs, the Let’s Read campaign engaged families, professionals and communities to promote high quality early literacy environments for children from...


1 Sep 2013

Evidence indicates worsening or unacceptably high levels of problems amongst Australia’s children and young people. These problems will not improve – and could get worse – unless we are able to effectively intervene to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place or address...

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