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The Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017: Queensland
14 Mar 2018

The unique features of Queensland create particular challenges and opportunities for digital inclusion. With the potential of technology to deliver better health, education, social and economic outcomes, it has never been more important that no one gets left behind.


11 Nov 2015

This policy seeks to improve knowledge sharing across Australian emergency management organisations about the effective uses of social media for crisis communication. It suggests the establishment of a support framework that provides guidance and direction on methods to promote and maintain effective information flows, to...

Research report

31 Jul 2015


This report describes a dynamic ‘Co-creative Media System’ that is emerging in the social space bounded by the following institutional pillars:

major cultural institutions (including screen culture agencies, libraries, museums, galleries and public service broadcasters) the Community Arts and Cultural Development...

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4 Sep 2013

Abstract : This paper examines the discursive aspects of Twitter communication during the floods in the summer of 2010–2011 in Queensland, Australia. Using a representative sample of communication associated with the #qldfloods hashtag on Twitter, we coded and analysed the patterns of communication. We...

Journal article

9 May 2013

Blogs and other online platforms for personal writing such as LiveJournal have been of interest to researchers across the social sciences and humanities for a decade now. Although growth in the uptake of blogging has stalled somewhat since the heyday of blogs in the early...

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