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A social inclusion action plan: opportunities and challenges

20 Aug 2010

This discussion paper outlines the challenges and opportunities for Swinburne University of Technology in responding to the emerging social inclusion policy agenda in Australia.


One of the significant policy agendas of both the State and Federal governments is Social Inclusion. As a result of the Bradley Review of Higher Education, all Universities will be allocated targets to increase their enrolments of students from a low Socio-economic background. It will be critical for Swinburne to have a clear understanding how we will engage with such groups and build educational opportunities.


As a dual-sector University, Swinburne is ideally placed to address these issues, having the capability of providing pathways for a very broad range of students and to ensure they are adequately prepared to succeed.


A key element of developing our strategy around these areas is a new Social Inclusion Action Plan which is presently under development. A copy of the draft plan can be found here and comments and feedback are welcome until 3 September 2010.

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