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Research report

31 Oct 2017

Northcote has been held by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since its inception in 1927. The seat is now being hotly contested by the ALP and the Victorian Greens, among a field of twelve candidates.

Research report

1 May 2017

This paper provides some background to the importance of the separation of the legislature, executive and judiciary, and examines how modern parliaments in the Westminster system, including the Victorian Parliament, are faring in their attempt at preserving and maintaining a degree of independence from the...

Research report

24 Jun 2015

Victoria is earning a reputation for producing surprising election results. According to political commentators and the opinion polls, the 1999 election was expected to return the Coalition Government and the 2010 election was expected to return the Labor Government, yet neither did.

Even though...

Briefing paper

29 Feb 2012

In a discussion of relevant issues, this paper includes background information, an overview of the main provisions of the Bill, and information on anti-corruption commissions in other Australian jurisdictions.

Research report

9 May 2011

An analysis of the Victorian state election which took place on 27 November 2010. This paper provides an overview of the election campaign, major policies, opinion polls data, the outcome of the election in both houses, and voter turnout. It also includes voting figures for...

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