Overseen by David Gonski, this review of school's funding explores the best methods by which education can be provided to Australian students, regardless of their wealth. The Review of Funding for Schooling aims to achieve a funding system which is transparent, equitable, financially sustainable and effective in providing an excellent education for all Australian students, and which ensures that differences in educational outcomes are not the result of differences in wealth, income, power or possessions. In order to do this, the review must consider the funding needs of students from all schools across the government, Catholic and independent schooling sectors. It must also consider funding provided by the Australian Government and state and territory governments, as well as other sources of school income. This paper accompanies the release of four commissioned research reports, which form one part of the review’s program of research. The paper provides an introduction to each report, and invites government and non-government education authorities, schooling organisations, and members of the community to make a submission on the content of the research reports.  The commissioned reports can be accessed below. Assessment of current process for targeting of schools funding to disadvantaged students, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) ( (0) PDF 1.6MB (0) |  (0) DOC 936KB (0)) Assessing existing funding models for schooling in Australia, Deloitte Access Economics ( (0) PDF 1.6MB (0) |  (0) DOC 1.6MB (0)) Feasibility of a national schooling recurrent resource standard, The Allen Consulting Group ( (0) PDF 5.1MB (0) |  (0) DOC 5.3MB (0)) Schooling challenges and opportunities, The Nous Group consortium ( (0) PDF 9.6MB (0) |  (0) DOC 5.0MB (0))  

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