Motivations, attitudes, perceptions and skills - What they said about work health and safety in 2010

26 Sep 2011

The main aim of the Motivations, Attitudes, Perceptions and Skills (MAPS) project was to collect information on the drivers of work health and safety behaviour and provide findings which will encourage policy discussion and inform the development and implementation of work health and safety policies and procedures.

To help achieve this aim, data were collected in 2009-10 from Australians aged 18 and over who worked in the five industry groups at high risk of occupational injuries: Agriculture forestry and fishing; Construction; Health and community services; Manufacturing; and, Transport and storage.
In this report we present an overview of the survey findings and outline some of the basic descriptive statistics obtained from the survey data. For example, it includes information on the demographic composition of the survey respondents, a brief summary of the information collected in the survey, respondents’ views on the importance of work health and safety, their main sources of work health and safety information, how safe they think their workplace is and their perceptions of common causes of workplace injury and illness.

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