Sambell Oration 2011: Sharing prosperity

16 Dec 2011


The Brotherhood's annual Sambell Oration Dinner for 2011 featured Jennifer Westacott, Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia

Named after former Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director Archbishop Geoffrey Sambell, the event reflects his vision for social justice and provides a forum for leaders in our community to express their views.

Jennifer Westacott explored what shared prosperity means, the critical ingredients for achieving it and why it is an essential goal for all Australians. 

In her Sambell Oration, Ms Westacott stated that the Productivity Commission should be requested to investigate the sources and extent of entrenched disadvantage and the most effective means of breaking these cycles.

Ms Westacott also said she would like the BCA to sit down with the Australian Council of Social Service, the Brotherhood and other organisations to progress ideas for new service models and new investment vehicles for public services.

Download Jennifer Westacott's full speech (0)  (PDF file 145 KB)

Image: Jeff Belmonte / flickr

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