Lareen Newman

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Last Name: Newman
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19 October 2016

The Southgate Digital Equity Tool has been developed to assist policy makers and practitioners in making informed decisions about the way they engage consumers in services and programs in the...

Blog postEssay
17 May 2016

This essay argues that in the digital era, the question 'whose voices are not being heard' is as important as asking whose voices are being heard.

Literature reviewReport
1 September 2015

This report provides an overview of the evidence base on work in health promotion settings that addresses the social determinants of health inequities.

1 September 2015

This article discusses the challenges of combining significantly different methodological approaches to investigate citizens’ access to e-health.

Journal article
14 January 2014

Youth with complex communication needs (CCN) face increased barriers to their social participation due to limited communication abilities and opportunities. 

Conference paper
7 April 2013

This paper reports on an intersectoral project undertaken by the Health In All Policies Unit and Country Health SA Local Health Network in collaboration with Flinders University’s SA Community...

Journal article
6 February 2013

This article explores the consequences of job loss for retrenched workers’ mental health by examining the interplay between their agency and the structures shaping their job loss experiences.

Journal article
6 September 2012

This article discusses how, within the context of Australian welfare and industrial policy, workers experienced the consequences of mass job losses that occurred at Mitsubishi Motors during 2004...

Literature reviewReport
1 September 2012

This literature review was conducted to provide an overview of changing communications in health promotion to inform the Falls Prevention Project of Country Health SA’s Local Health Network.