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Peter Jennings PSM has been Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute since 30 April 2012. He previously served as Defence adviser to the Federal Opposition (1990–93), Chief of Staff to the Minister for Defence (1996–98), and head of the Strategic Policy Branch in the Department of Defence (1998–99). In late 1999, he was co-director of the East Timor Policy Unit, responsible for developing Australia’s policy approaches to the international peacekeeping operation in East Timor. He was appointed the Deputy Director of the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation in 2002. He was a senior adviser in the Prime Minister’s office responsible for developing a strategic policy framework for Cabinet in 2002–03. He was the Deputy Secretary Strategy in the Department of Defence in 2010–12. He was awarded the Public Service Medal in the Australia Day 2013 Honours List for outstanding public service through the development of Australia’s strategic and defence policy, particularly in the areas of Australian Defence Force operations in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan.

31 October 2016

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute was established to provide an alternate source of advice on defence and strategic policy. The articles in this paper reflect on its first fifteen years....

18 May 2016

Essays in honour of Paul Dibb, a noteable actor in public service, currently a Professor in the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (SDSC) at The Australian National University. 

9 December 2015

The Port of Darwin lease highlights an urgent need to review how Australia takes account of its national security interests in making decisions about foreign investment.

Technical report
30 June 2015

This paper examines the scope and nature of terrorism motivated by violent Islamist extremism in Australia through a comprehensive database, assesses the policy responses by the government to date...

21 May 2015

This collection identifies significant challenges ahead for Defence if the reforms proposed by the First Principles Review are to succeed.

12 May 2015

This paper examines Malcolm Fraser’s foreign policy record as well as his approach to defence policy making and his evolving attitude to the US alliance.

23 April 2015

The recently released report of the First Principles Review of Defence is set to reshape the Defence enterprise over the next few years. This report explains the review’s recommendations and...