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19 May 2016

Community playgroups have significant social and economic benefits not just for children but also for their parents, particularly mothers, finds this report.

Relationships Matter: The Social and Economic Benefits of Community Playgroups , funded by Playgroup Australia and undertaken by RMIT University’s Centre...

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10 Nov 2015

When Welfare to Work activities for single parents were first introduced in the 2005 Commonwealth Budget, the primary claim was that these measures would increase individual wellbeing. A decade on, the veracity of this claim has yet to be comprehensively assessed. In this article, we...


19 Sep 2014

Single parents in receipt of Centrelink benefits, who are overwhelmingly mothers, are compelled to seek child support from their ex-partner in order to receive above the base rate of Family Tax Benefit payments. If the single parent receives child support payments, the rate of other...

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5 Jul 2013

This paper examines the 2011–12 federal budget measure to strengthen child support compliance in light of gendered assessments of child support reform, particularly those that identify an emphasis on men’s financial autonomy and the buttressing of men’s financial authority beyond the couple relationship. By changing...

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