Kath Hulse

First Name: Kath
Last Name: Hulse
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Journal article
21 March 2017

This paper contributes an additional perspective to debates about the interplay between changing housing market dynamics, lifestyles and housing choices/constraints.

Research report
1 December 2016

Investigates the role that media plays in shaping home renovation practices.

15 October 2016

This is the first report of a project examining ways of making energy efficient home renovations mainstream rather than a niche activity as is currently the case. Homes are a major contributor to...

30 August 2016

This report considers the findings from an evidence-based policy inquiry into individualised forms of housing assistance which assessed whether their implementation could lead to improved services...

Briefing paper
3 December 2015

Focusing on the challenges facing the rooming/boarding house policy community in Victoria and New South Wales, this paper argues that in the context of growth in the sector and a more diverse...

23 November 2015

Acknowledging different institutional, governance and policy contexts, and informed by international experience and Australian practice, this project distilled key learning, policy opportunities...

18 November 2015

Examines new decision-making and business models in the not-for-profit housing sector in the face of new policy frameworks and market challenges.

16 September 2015

Housing policy is compounding spatial disadvantage in Australian cities, with some outer and middle suburbs especially disadvantaged.

17 August 2015

This research found there was a shortage of 271,000 affordable and available rental dwellings for very-low-income households in 2011, an increase of 60,000 since 2006.

12 August 2015

This Investigative Panel focused on the challenges facing the rooming/boarding house policy community in Victoria and New South Wales.