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23 December 2016

This study finds no evidence of a substantial concentration of homicides in specific night-time leisure areas.

3 July 2015

Over the period 1989 to 2010, there were 123 incidents of arson-associated homicide in Australia, involving 170 unique victims and 131 offenders.

12 February 2015

This research reaffirms the need for intensive accommodation support services to complement criminal justice responses to crime and those who have contact with the criminal justice system.

14 January 2014

This report presents the results of Australian Institute of Criminology research on issues and challenges of policing alcohol and illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...

30 August 2012

The age at which an individual first experiments with illicit drugs has been of significant interest to policymakers and practitioners, primarily because research has persistently shown a link...

29 May 2012

Monitoring international trends in drug production and supply has been a key function of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC); it regularly provides between-country comparative...

20 March 2012

Heavy drug use, of either amphetamines or opioids in the 30 days prior to arrest, is associated with frequency of property offending.

Aim: The primary...

4 November 2011

The latest Drug Use Monitoring in Australia data shows that the continuing decline in methamphetamine use since 2004 has ended, with rates of use among police...

12 August 2011

In the most comprehensive student victimisation study ever conducted in Australia, this report provides detailed findings of the extent to which international students have been the victims...

3 June 2011

In this report 824 police detainees across the nation were interviewed about their knowledge of emerging and less commonly used illicit drugs, shows different patterns of knowledge and drug use...