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17 July 2009

Using the latest available data published by the Australian Taxation Office for the 2006–07 income year, this background note looks at levels of philanthropy, or more specifically, tax deductible...

13 July 2009

This research paper on foreign debt is the fourth update of a Parliamentary Library paper originally published in September 1989.

The objectives of the paper are to...

3 April 2009

This paper provides 2006 estimates, for each Commonwealth Electoral Division, of the number of persons living in poverty and the proportion which this represents of the total population. The...

25 February 2009

This paper provides tables and charts that allow comparisons between individual states and territories across a broad range of social and economic indicators.

13 February 2009

Around 70 per cent of Australian households own or are purchasing their home, but he proportion of Australian households who own their home outright (that is, without a mortgage) has been far from...

18 December 2007

This paper presents a number of tables and charts that allow comparisons to be made between individual Australian states and territories in terms of their performance across a wide range of social...

13 August 2007

This research paper summarises the performance of the economy during each administration from Whitlam through to Howard by providing period averages across a range of economic indicators. Though...

6 October 2006

House prices in Australia have risen substantially over the past 20 years, far outpacing the growth in inflation, average earnings and household income. Nationally, there are four main measures of...

30 March 2006

The public sector’s share of total employment fell from 26 per cent in 1984 to 16 per cent in 2005, amounting to 940,000 fewer jobs in the public sector. While all levels of government have lost...

1 November 2005

In 2004-05, Australia had an average annual unemployment rate of 5.3 per cent, the lowest rate in 28 years. Despite a low rate of general unemployment, there are still many groups in the community...