Gareth Griffith

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Last Name: Griffith
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18 January 2016

This paper reviews the history of multiculturalism in Australia and NSW, and sets out the debate on the subject.

Briefing paper
27 October 2015

This proposal fits into a larger political and policy picture, one that encompasses the reform of local government in NSW and the revamping of metropolitan planning.

Briefing paper
23 June 2015

This e-brief discusses the history and purpose of “right to farm” laws and their application in the US and Canada. The position in Australia is also discussed, as is the question of the place of...

27 May 2015

This e-brief offers an overview of the legal position in respect to e-cigarettes, along with a summary of research findings and viewpoints in the contemporary debate.

22 April 2015

This paper is intended to provide a brief but authoritative account of key issues in NSW politics, providing relevant context and legislative history.

Briefing paper
15 April 2015

A majority of the High Court has dismissed appeal from the decision of the NSWCA relating to the powers of the Independent Commission against Corruption under the Independent Commission against...

20 January 2015

This paper reviews the reforms introduced over the life of the 55th NSW Parliament, from 2011 to 2015, intended to address concerns about integrity in government.

8 October 2014

This paper summarises the contentious issue of anti-gang legislation and whether it contravenes the implied freedom of political communication under the Commonwealth Constitution.

3 September 2014

Discusses the implications of two Bills both dealing with voting in local government elections for the City of Sydney.

10 August 2014

The focus of this paper is on free or conscience votes in the NSW Parliament between 1981 and 2013.