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11 Sep 2017

This week marks ten years since the United Nations adopted its first Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


19 Jan 2016

This essay contends that the rejection of Indigenous Australians' right to self-determination does not attract the scrutiny it should.


Aboriginal affairs – once the subject of Australian innovation in policy and law reform attended to by the routine scrutiny of an...

Journal article

26 Aug 2015

INTRODUCTION: This paper is on Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination and its exercise through democratic participation. First, I will expound on why the right to self-determination—as configured in international law, translated by many states and adopted by Indigenous communities—enhances liberal democratic governance. Then I will...

Research report

30 Jun 2012

This brief describes some of the promising efforts to reduce Indigenous family violence in Australia and overseas, including both government and community initiatives, as well as support mechanisms and measures for victims.

The issue of family violence in Indigenous communities across Australia has been...

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31 Jan 2011

In the context of the Federal Government's commitment to hold a referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution, this research brief considers some of the potential options for Indigenous-related reform.

The Indigenous Law Centre is conducting a research project looking at reform of...

Briefing paper

10 Sep 2010

This research brief provides an overview of a research project being conducted by the Indigenous Law Centre looking at reform of the Australian Constitution concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Constitutional Reform and Indigenous Peoples project will examine the history of...

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21 Jun 2010

Violence is a longstanding, widely recognised problem that disproportionately affects Indigenous people in comparison to non-Indigenous people. State governments across the country have conducted numerous inquiries into Indigenous violence. Cumulatively, these reports suggest that Indigenous women and children experience unusually high levels of sexual violence...


11 May 2009

Megan Davis brings feminist arguments to Indigenous politics in this essay, timely with the recent recommendations for equal representation for women on the next national Indigenous policy board.

"The opportunity to design a new representative structure is a rare opportunity to reshape Indigenous politics....


6 Apr 2009

This report discusses the importance of an intersectional race and gender approach when it comes to understanding special measures like the Northern Territory Intervention in international law.

The current debate about the Northern Territory legislative package focuses on the federal government's categorisation of the...

Research report

10 Sep 2008

Recently, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd revived John Howard’s 2007 pre-election proposal to amend the preamble to the Australian Constitution to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.1 Rudd’s announcement was prompted after Yolgnu and Bininj elders presented him with a Statement of Intent at the...

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