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10 Oct 2011

Using information garnered from the complex study, Growing Up In Australia, children's development across multiple domains such as health, social development and learning is explored and summarised.

Growing Up in Australia is one of the largest and most complex studies of its kind that...

Research report

3 Jul 2009

This report presents the results of the evaluation of the short-run impacts of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative on child, family and community outcomes.

The study was based on a three-wave longitudinal study of 2,202 families living in 10 sites that had a...

Research report

6 Oct 2008

This report presents an analysis of the data from the first wave of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) to explore the wellbeing of over 10,000 Australian infants and children. This report presents an analysis of the data from the first wave of the...

Research report

27 Jun 2007

This discussion paper presents a discussion of the data management policy and procedures for Wave 2 of Growing Up in Australia: the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

Research report

25 Jun 2002

It is now four years since the original HIV Futures report was released and we had for the first time a comprehensive picture of the complexity and diversity of the lives of HIV positive Australians. This survey, HIV Futures 3: Positive Australians on Services, Health...

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