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Heads and Tails: The Long Tail in Australian Media Markets

This paper analyses sales of products within three Australian media markets - cinema box office, DVD retail and book retail - from 2002 to 2011. Several conclusions are drawn. First, significant long tail characteristics emerged in the books and particularly DVD markets, but not cinema...
Conference paper

Harnessing the Arc-Hive

This paper addresses the construction of archival collections through the use of public support and volunteer labour. It examines the requirement of a new music archive to engage with consumers and participants to achieve its desired outcomes.
Conference paper

FireWatch: Community Engagement and the Communication of Bushfire Information

Successive bushfire inquiries in Australia have called for authorities to more effectively harness and disseminate bushfire information. Recommendations from these inquiries suggest a new approach to bushfires involving greater co-ordination, in which home dwellers, emergency fire services and government work more closely together and acknowledge...
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Do External Stakeholder Pressures Influence Customer Service and Complaints Handling Practices in the Australian Internet Service Provider Industry?

This paper explores the role of external stakeholder pressures on the very large ISP (vlISP) industry that resulted in significant revisions to the CS/CH sections of Telecommunication Consumer Protection (TCP) Code.
Conference paper

Celebrating the National Disability Insurance Scheme? Insights from News Media and Disability Advocates

The legislative framework to establish the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was passed by the Australian Parliament in March 2013. The NDIS is expected to become fully operational in 2018-19 and to provide care and support to 410,000 people with a significant and permanent disability...