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Conference paper

Assessing need for education services for regional sustainability – the case of Moura, Australia

This paper assesses the need for education services in the mining communities through a case study of the Moura Township in central Queensland, Australia. The study involves a case study approach with a survey method to assess the current performance and the need for education...
Conference paper

Competitiveness agreements of regional value chains (VC): an alternative to deal with the effects of economic restructuring in Colombia

During the 1990s, the devastating outcomes of the economic restructuring on several regions and key sectors such as the agriculture and livestock prompted countries such as Colombia to undertake an aggressive program of value chain-based development policies and partnerships including its decentralization to the regions...
Conference paper

Social sustainability in Australian local government: commitment and accountability

With a dominant focus of economic rationality in development and management operations, interpretations of sustainable development have limited capacity to account for the contribution of social sustainability. This paper examines commitment to and accountability for social sustainability in Australian local government from the perspective of...
Conference paper

Regional small business as an underappreciated response to globalisation-induced socio-economic instabilities

The realities of subgroups of regional small businesses (regional-SBs) are essential for proper policy process but are under-researched. This study explores and seeks to reduce the aforementioned gap. Firm-and-manager-specific attributes of regional-SBs (drawn from a sample of 500 Australian regional-SBs) are evaluated to determine if...
Conference paper

Food bowl or empty bowl? Climate change, farm exits and regional economies

This paper reports on research which follows the difficult process of farm families preparing for and subsequently leaving farming. The period of exit covers the millennium drought of 2000-2010 in four case study areas in Victoria, Australia. It is concerned with families still of working...