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Creativity in regional Australian accounting firms

This study examines the challenges faced by regional accounting firms and the creative solutions they use to address them.
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Metropolitan and regional economic development: competing and contested local government roles in Australia in the 21st Century

Economic development is a priority of all levels of government; irrespective of country, constitution or system of governance. This is particularly the case in Australia, where federal, state and local tiers of government are undertaking activities intended to support economic growth. However, roles and responsibilities...
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Assessing road travel conditions in the Bowen Basin region: implications for transport planning in Australian mining communities

Effective road transport networks are essential for sustainability of mining activities as well as the liveability of the mining communities. This paper examines the mining impacts of road travel conditions in the Bowen Basin region, which produces about 83% of Queensland’s total coal product. A...
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Developing a conceptual framework of living cost to income approach for depicting affordable housing locations: policy implications for housing affordability in Melbourne, Australia

Affordable housing locations in metropolitan cities are usually assessed by rental cost or mortgage payment relative to income. Affordable housing locations are also influenced by locational characteristics such as distance from public transportation, service centres, city centre and employment centres. Once the costs of locational...
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Perceived risks to housing unaffordability in resource and regional communities: policy implications for regional housing affordability in Australia

Housing unaffordability creates pressures on economic and social life of an individual to a community. Periodic housing unaffordability in Queensland resource and regional communities are common over the last two decades. This paper examined the perceived household risks to periodic housing unaffordability in Queensland resource...