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Creativity in regional Australian accounting firms

This study examines the challenges faced by regional accounting firms and the creative solutions they use to address them.
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Accessibility of Anbessa city bus service: analysis of stakeholders opinions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Accessibility of transport services can be influenced by a range of factors, and it is important to understand the role and influence of each of these factors in order to plan effective transport systems in urban, peri-urban and regional settings. Addis Ababa City is one...
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Refereed proceedings of the 40th annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Regional Science Association International

The 40th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Regional Science Association International (ANZRSAI) was held at the RMIT University Melbourne from 5th to 7th December, 2016, co-hosted with the European Union Centre at RMIT and the RMIT Centre for People, Work and Organisation...
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The human capital factor: generating, attracting and retaining human capital in regional Australia

In the field of labor economics, human capital refers to the stock of knowledge or characteristics of a worker that contributes to their productivity. Investment in education and training of individuals can enhance their level of human capital and this will be valued in the...
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The regional economic development paradox: policy order and complex practice

Regional economic development, in its various guises, is deployed throughout much of Australia. Whilst it remains a contested activity, conventional wisdom extols the need to embrace complexity, whilst simultaneously imbuing order and control. Insights from the literature reveal that regional economic development organisations are often...