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Australia New Zealand Regional Science Association International

Conference paper

Perceived risks to housing unaffordability in resource and regional communities: policy implications for regional housing affordability in Australia

Housing unaffordability creates pressures on economic and social life of an individual to a community. Periodic housing unaffordability in Queensland resource and regional communities are common over the last two decades. This paper examined the perceived household risks to periodic housing unaffordability in Queensland resource...
Conference paper

Innovation in the Australian Public Service: a qualitative analysis

Innovation is considered to be a sine qua non to improve efficiency and effectiveness in government and respond to citizens’ increasing demand for better services. This paper draws together literature related to innovation in the public sector. A qualitative analysis was conducted to establish the...
Conference paper

The triumph of the market or the doom of history? What is the future for regional towns?

Functionally, regional towns cannot be the city states of history. By necessity, whilst regional towns exist as a centre for the catchment area that sustains it, they are nonetheless subject to and rely upon the patronage of the ‘centre’ that the town ‘relates’ to. In...
Conference paper

Going off the beaten track: exploring Chinese international students’ motivations for selecting regional Australian higher education

This study aims to understand the motivations of Chinese international students who have enrolled at the University of Tasmania (UTAS), which is a regional Australian university, which is a variation in trend from the choice of majority of Chinese international students who attend universities in...
Conference paper

Accessibility of Anbessa city bus service: analysis of stakeholders opinions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Accessibility of transport services can be influenced by a range of factors, and it is important to understand the role and influence of each of these factors in order to plan effective transport systems in urban, peri-urban and regional settings. Addis Ababa City is one...